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Fes Desert Tour  a Moroccan   tour operator,based In  Fez , more than 10 years experience in the organization of Moroccan tours and excursions,We design flexible and efficient tour packages tailored to your travel from budget to luxury .Our tours and excursions will suittable either you are;couples, friends, small group, family holidays with kids, independent travellers, women or men.Our tours and Excursions Can be Start from Casablanca ,Fez, Marrakech, Tanger,Agadir ,Meknes , and Many other Cities,we designed the best to suit your needs and desires. ,Tours & Excursions  including :

_Moroccan historical & cultural tours

_Moroccan  festivals & Arts tours 

_honeymoon tours in Morocco

_Atlas Mountain tours

_Imperial city tours

_Moroccan Adventure Desert Camel Trekking Tour

_Tailor-made excursions, tours and vacations

If you choose our Service for your holiday you will be safe, comfortable, with a fascinating and enjoyable experience of Moroccan life and culture.  With the hard work taken out of arranging accommodation, tour guides, transportation and itineraries, you can really relax and enjoy this exotic country .If you have  dream of visit Morocco don’t Hesitate to contact us to take you for few days to Explore the magic Morocco including the souks ,the old medinas in the bustling cities and smaller towns, The wonderful Nature , Waterfalls, breath taking desert landscapes, and beautiful Atlas & Rif mountain ,the Atlantic coast.and many beautiful sights, the best destinations of Morocco.

we give you the opportunity to customize and personalise your Morocco tour that will suit your budget,We put our self  to assist you every step of the way and advise your choices.  So, let us make your dream trip come true, and enjoy vacation memories that will last a lifetime .

Call Us today  for your next travel to Morocco. Our agency is open 24hour a day and 7 days a week, we are available by calling anytime.

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